Where Your Legacy Comes Together Forever On Stone

Memorial Extras

We have Vases, Porcelain photos, & Grave Spikes.

Flower Keepers

We have personally designed a way for your flowers to stay on your headstone even through the storms of life!

Smaller Stones

Easy enough for you to set yourself.

Cremation Needs

We have what you need for your cremains. *Columns *Urns

Refurbish/ Reset/ Repaint Old Grave Markers

If your loved one's headstone is in disrepair, we can help.

We Are Here To Help Meet Your Needs

Our Family

Keith and Jo leah are very active in their church The Apostolic Lighthouse of Dardanelle. They were foster parents from 2002 to 2014 when they decided they wanted to focus on their own children for a while and they started Steel Standing Monuments. They wanted to make an affordable choice of grave markers for the River Valley.

Steel Monuments

Steel monuments are lighter, more versatile, and totally different than anything else in the cemetery. Steel monuments come in handy when you want a headstone that looks like Dad's old truck or Mom's rocking chair. They can be easily carried to Montana and hand set by yourself.


The traditional bronze is polished, engraved and sculpted bronze cast into the shape you want with all details . It creates a very beautiful memorial, but some may not be able to afford it. SSM have created a totally different way of doing "Bronze on Granite"! In this new process, they take a plate of commercial bronze and cut out names, dates, and/or designs to create a long lasting, but economical, memorial.


SSM have access to just about any shape or color of granite you would want for your loved one. Steel Standing Monuments has a wide variety of options for you to choose from, and their turn-around time is 20-45 days for the more common stones and colors. Press the Granite tab for a full description of their process.
Steel monuments is what makes us different. Out of the ordinary. Let us help you create a totally original memorial.
We will meet you where you are.