Where Steel And Stone Come Together

Gravestone Accessories

We have vases, Grave Spikes, Backdrops, and Collars. Call and let us tell you all about them!

High School Logos

In the steel line of work, we can create your favorite High School Team's Logo as a spike to set in the ground. You pick the size!

Plaques and Picture Videos

We can make you a plaque to commemorate or memorialize your loved ones.

Cremation Needs

We have what you need for your cremains. *Columns *Urns

Refurbish/ Reset/ Repaint Old Grave Markers

If your loved one's headstone is in disrepair, we can help.

Love At First Sight

Our Family

Keith has had a vision for helping people with their monuments for 11 years. We can make practically anything out of steel that you could ever want. We have the traditional granite for those that wish to stay with the norm of the cemetery, but we have the steel monuments for those that want something lighter, more economical, or just different.

Steel Monuments

Steel monuments are lighter, more versatile, and totally different than anything else in the cemetery…except the iron fences. The iron fences have been there for many, many years. They are rusting, but are certainly in good condition.

Bronze (on Granite)

We have a totally different way of doing Bronze on Granite! The traditional way is to have bronze cast into the shape you want. It is a very time-consuming and expensive process. We take a plate of commercial bronze and cut out names, dates, and/or designs.


Granite We have access to just about any shape of granite you run across that you want for your loved one. Steel Standing Monuments wants to have a wide variety of options for you to choose from. Our turn-around time is 20-45 days for more common stones and colors.
If you have something out of the ordinary, that you are wanting, come and talk to us about it. We will see what we can do to help!
Call us any time!